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Wax Melts

Our Wax:

Our large wax bars are vegan friendly using a soy/vegetable blend of wax.  

Are Our Wax Bars Cruelty Free?

Absolutely yes!

Our Packaging:

We wrap our wax bars in a biodegradable packaging made from NatureFlex which is made from natural and renewable resources.  After 12 weeks this product degrades when placed in compost material.


We use glitter in a lot of our wax melt bars - because who doesn't like a bit of glitter.  Therefore we ensure that all our glitters are biodegradable so that it does not harm the environment.

Scent Throw:

Each of our wax melt bars will give you an average of 30-36 hours of scent throw. 

Are The Safe Around Pets?

This really does depend on the pet as some animals are more susceptible to fragrances than others - such as fish and reptiles.  We only use fragrance oils in our wax melts rather than essential oils as a lot of pets can react very badly to certain essential oils.  We also burn our wax melts around our dog and she has never reacted. 

We would however, always suggest getting in touch with your vet for advice should you be at all concerned.