Refill Only Option

If you want to purchase a refill then you will need to click into the fragrance section and simply select which fragrance you require. Each refill will be sent in a PET bottle which can be recycled. Please note that this does NOT come with reeds, should you require reeds then please ensure that you also add a set of reeds to your order.

Build Your Own Option

We have set up our reed diffusers so that you can design your reed diffuser to suit your own preferences, you will need to firstly choose a bottle, choose a CAP from the 4 options, select the reeds you prefer and then select your favourite fragrance. We do not currently offer the reed diffuser boxed, the fragrance will be posted in a PET bottle which can be recycled and each of the other components will be sent unwrapped.  

This means that you can design this to your own personal taste whilst saving on unnecessary and costly packaging.





Hand Blown Glass Bottles

This bottle is made from hand blown glass and due to the nature of this it means the final product may vary slightly from the photos. This bottle type works in the same way our build your own option works except you do not need to purchase a separate cap as these are unable to be changed so they are supplied with the bottle. You will still need to select your fragrance and reeds separately.

Bohemian Geo Bottles

This bottle does not require a cap.